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The Process

I'm so interested...but I have no idea what to do next!


The Process

I'm so interested...but I have no idea what to do next!

You've determined that this is for you and I'm like your new BFF.  How do you get to work with me?  Well....

1. Fill out the contact form or send me an email (krista@onetwoonephotography.com)  If you don't hear back from me, do check your spam...sometimes I get the short end of the stick.

2. I will be in touch via email to hash out the details of planning your session & provide additional details for you.  I'll include a booking proposal so if you're ready to go we can get it on.  If you need a little more time, just let me know.

3. Keep in mind your date is not confirmed until I've received your signed agreement and your paid invoice.

4. You'll receive several emails leading up to your session covering how to stay in touch, what to wear and helpful reminders.  Do feel free to contact me with questions before your session.

5. Day of your session!  Yay! Show up relaxed and ready to have fun.  You will be sore.  Plan on it.

6. After your session I will get busy looking at your images.  I will pick out the best of the best and make them look stunning.

7.  Plan for your reveal & ordering session to happen about 10 business days after your shoot

8.  At your reveal/order session I will start by showing you a slideshow of your images (don't worry, I'll bring tissues).  Then we will go through your images one by one and sort into yes/no piles.  From your Yes's we will plan your purchases.  You must make your purchases decisions and pay for them at your reveal/order session.  Please ensure that all decision makers can attend.  

If you require additional time to decide on your order an additional fee of $150 is required.  

9.  You can take your images home with you the same day!  If you want to add-on another product, please assume the following:

  • Albums - 4-6 weeks
  • Art - 4 weeks

10.  Delivery!  I'll let you know when your products have arrived and we'll schedule a time to hand them off.  

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Where are you going to find lingerie for your session?


Where are you going to find lingerie for your session?

So you've booked your boudoir session.  Now, what are you going to wear?

<insert, oh my gosh, I have nothing to wear, moment> (and actually....nothing to wear is totally ok too)


Bella Lacet Lingerie (Sizes 28A to 50K, located in Chandler)

The Bra Spa (Located at Kolb/Wilmot)

Bravo Boutique (Located in Plaza Colonial at Skyline & Campbell)

Victoria's Secret (Locations at Tucson Mall, Park Place Mall and La Encantada) / Suggestions on Pinterest

Honey Birdette / Suggestions on Pinterest

Boohoo.com (Great for the curvy ladies!) / Suggestions on Pinterest


Adore Me (Tons of curvy options as well) / Suggestions on Pinterest

ASOS (Another curvy option!)




You've got questions, I have some kind of answer.


You've got questions, I have some kind of answer.

The most popular questions popping into your head.

I'm not quite 18 yet...or I look at least 18.

NO.  You know people go to jail for that right?  I would not do well in jail.  If you look young, I will probably ask to see your ID.  It's a compliment.  Seriously.

My boyfriend/husband/SO wants to come watch.

NO. And NO.  There will be no men at your shoot.  Period.  What surprise is it if he watches?  Plus you'll be uncomfortable (and I'll be uncomfortable).  I want your focus on/with me.  I want my focus on/with you.  Not other random people.

Now...if you want to do a couples session...that's a different story.


Can I bring a friend?

Yes.  She must be a she.  And she must be 18.  And she must remain quiet in the background.  She also might repurposed into a reflector/stand holder.  Start working on those biceps.

A drink might help.  Can I drink?

So getting drunk might help with taking your clothes off if you're 21 and in a bar.  I don't want you sloppy drunk.  You are welcome to sip on a glass of wine or a mimosa while you're in hair & makeup, BUT, I am not responsible for your behavior and actions after the session.  You're an adult, I trust you to act like it.

Music?  Will there be tunes?

I sure hope so.  That's as long as Alexa plays nice.  She can be a real pain sometimes.

So I show up and get naked?

No.  Please no.  

First - you only need to undress to what is comfortable at any time during the shoot.  Wanna go for the birthday suit?  Cool.  Prefer more of a east coast winter bundled up look?  Oookk.  We can also do some implied nude shots without you actually getting naked.  Nifty huh?

This is all private right?  Everything is indoors?

Well, that's up to you.  If you're totally not comfortable with it, then no, happy to keep it private.  If you're feeling a bit adventurous, I have a nice little outdoor area that is currently becoming more and more jungle like thanks to the rain, we can go dance among the not-bamboo-looking-bamboo I have.  My place is pretty quiet/private.  I am in the barrio so there are some great buildings/doors if you do want an adventure!  But I do not have a clause for being bailed out of jail.  That'll cost extra.

I hate my <butt, arms, stomach, neck, toe hair>.  I don't want to do this.

Well if you don't want to do it, why are you?  But it its one of those previously listed things, then I'm pretty sure we can work with that.  There's plenty of poses to flatter everyone.  And the toe hair?  Might I recommend a wax?

I don't know how to be sexy.

Oh puhlease!  Every woman knows how to be sexy.  The key is getting you to stop worrying that you look silly.  (Here's a hint...silly is sexy).  I'm here to help you out along the way.  I may also be known to strike a pose to show you what I'm going for.  And yes, I look silly.  Reality is, if you feel silly then you probably look amazing.  You'll go home sore.  Almost certainly.  Sore is the new sexy.

Where do I get stuff for this?

I assume you mean clothing?  The good old standby is always Victoria's Secret.  I'll send an email as part of your pre-session info with some suggestions on where to shop....or you can just ask.  I happily accept random texts of lingerie.  If you're just looking for something for one-time-wear, there are several places online that you can find low-cost lingerie.  Don't forget to consider something special for that special someone in your life.

I am also building a client wardrobe.  I'm working on organizing, photographing and posting what I have.  I ask for your sizes in your pre-session questionnaire so I can check what I have on hand.  If you're really stumped and want help, let me know and I'll pull some ideas for you.

What happens to my images?  Gawd...what if my mom sees them online?

I assume if your mom sees them, she'll want her own session?  At any rate, you will receive and initial and sign a privacy policy.  On it there is a section that tells me what I can do with your images.  

As for producing your images - I generally do all the editing myself.  Prints and albums come from companies that are familiar with the boudoir segment.  While I can't control who sees your images on that end, you are not the first or last fully-clothed, semi-naked, fully-naked woman they will see.

What if I want to do a shoot a little bit more...ahemm...wild?

Wild is good. I like wild.  Please contact me and tell me what you're thinking.  I'm pretty accommodating and I'm pretty open minded so you're unlikely to toss me a curve ball.  

Can I have a discount?

Probably not.  But you can ask.  Remember - buy more save more!




I had always wanted to try boudoir and have combed through many photographers websites until I discovered One Two One. The photos seemed to capture women in their natural sexy state. Thankfully, I took a chance and made the appointment. Even with my post-baby body Krista made me feel incredibly sexy! It felt great and was so much fun! The entire process from start to finish was better than I could’ve imagined. From hair and make-up, picking out my “looks”, and actually getting in front of the camera. The only thing I didn’t like was having to wait to see the final product! I have already recommended this to all of my girlfriends. I definitely intend on doing this again in the near future. Such an amazing experience!
— Christine
I had stalked boudoir photos online for a while. I kept coming back to Krista’s page. Her sexy style, classy feel, and personable vibe fit exactly what I was looking for. After stalking her social media pages for a while, I finally decided I was ready to take the plunge.

The morning of my shoot was pampering and relaxing. I chatted with Krista and the hair and make up artist, while enjoying a glass of wine. (And who doesn’t love a glass of wine in the morning? I felt so fancy!)

I wasn’t sure what to wear, so Krista helped style me in a mix of pieces that I brought, and pieces from her own extensive collection.

She knew exactly how to pose and angle me to get the most flattering shots. We wrapped up with a few chocolates, and not too long after I received a sneak peek photo from my session. I was floored with how stunning it was! I had such a positive experience, I can’t belueve I waited this long to give it a try. If you’ve been considering a session, do it. It’s everything!
— Rori
Krista does a fantastic job of making you feel at ease and beautiful. My session was a surprise wedding gift for my new husband and I was super nervous to pose in lingerie. My session started with a professional doing my hair and makeup while getting to know Krista and explaining what I was trying to achieve. The whole day was fun as Krista took the time to help me pose and explain what angles and lighting look best for my body type. I felt empowered and sexy and the final product was amazing. My husband loves the images. I want to do another session just for the feeling of pampering. I highly recommend this business ladies if you are looking for something fun and empowering.
— Barbara
If you have the means, stop THINKING about getting boudoir photos through One Two One Photography, and DO IT. Krista is super professional and literally tells you how to move/adjust at what time until you look just right for the shot. Her photos are awesome without the overdramatic look. Going in, you must be open to the possibility that you will love and need to have almost each and every photo taken of you in your life, forever. They are that good, Krista is that good!
— M
Working with Krista was such a treat she is very professional and makes you feel comfortable. The whole process makes you feel like a real model from getting your hair and makeup done by an artist to figuring out what to wear.
— K
Krista is the perfect photographer. It is not easy to put yourself out there, but she makes you feel so comfortable, confident, beautiful. I definitely recommend her to take amazing photos. You will not ever regret it, and you may learn a thing or two about yourself ( confidence!!!!)
— Sam
Oh my goodness Krista, they’re gorgeous!!! I can’t even believe that that is really me! :) Thank you SO much...
— L
Hi Krista,

I just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know the album is wonderful. Thank you so much for your hard work and artistic talent. You do great work!
— A
HI Krista! I want to post your services on Fb , your services are amazing, every woman should feel as great as you make me feel!
— S
The best gift I ever gave myself! A session with Krista will change your life forever....you are worth it!
— M
Thanks Krista, everybody loves the pics.
— D
My favorite part of the Boudoir session was the day of the photo shoot. I loved having a day for me. I felt beautiful and comfortable in my own skin. I enjoyed having my hair and makeup done. It was like playing dress up and for a while I was able to let loose.

It’s a fantastic experience that all women should try. Feeling beautiful in front of a camera is empowering.
— Paula