Wearing False Lashes For Your Session


Wearing False Lashes For Your Session

They make look fake in real life and when you first put them on they feel so heavy and just, well weird! However, in your photos they will make a HUGE difference. You actually don’t really notice them in the pictures, but you will notice their effect. They accentuate your eyes and give them a gorgeous almond shape. These are a must-have!

But never fear, they are part of my glam squad makeup so you don't have to figure it on your own.  I remember the first time I tried to apply lashes for a dance recital, I stabbed myself in the eye, glued my eye shut and never did successfully get the damned lashes to 100% stick.  With practice its improved so if you have to do it yourself, be sure to watch several videos and practice before the big day!

Check out this site for some great tips on everything false lashes.

Do you have any favorite tips or tricks to false lashes?  Share in the comments!


Pour Some Wine & Join Me In The Blanket Fort!


Pour Some Wine & Join Me In The Blanket Fort!


I caught my girlfriend (boyfriend?) watching porn!


Well there's a whole of questions that come to mind before this gets deemed an issue.  First, was it like midget clown porn?  Cuz that might be an issue.  Or was it 50 Shades Darker?  You know, like mommy porn.

Seriously though, I'm guessing you're blowing this out of proportion.  The real travesty is why you two aren't watching porn together?  Is it the clown part?  Because I'm with you.  *shudders*.  Personally I think this could be healthy - watch it and try to mimic it.  Either you're going to have a really fucking hot night or you'll be collapsed in laughter because there is no freaking way what you're watching is humanly possible by mere mortals.

Now if your sex life really sucks and s/he is watching porn secretly and lying about it, maybe take note of what they are watching - it could be a hint.  If it's really upsetting to you (the watching part, not the what they are watching), I'd suggest trying this really adult thing - talk about it.  Yeah, yeah, I know - try texting about it?

Maybe they just want to try something new on you or with you.  Let's not panic and start hoarding money in shoeboxes and shopping f0r apartments.  So with that all said....what do you think is the most popular porn in Arizona?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!


I Believe You Learn Social Skills By Mixing With People


I Believe You Learn Social Skills By Mixing With People

Don't forget to call Dad this weekend and wish him a Happy Father's Day!  If your dad isn't here anymore, take a moment and just remember a fun time with him.

Friday, Jun 16

Jason Mraz & His Superband

Bubbles, blush and blow outs

Tamale & Beer Pairing

Free Yoga Friday!

Pigs And Pinot on the Parilla

Saturday, Jun 17

Beer, BBQ, and Blues

Beer Yoga

Brew at the Zoo

2nd Annual Tucson 23: A Mexican Food Festival


Annual Kitten Shower

Sunday, Jun 18

Father's Day Celebration

Brewery Bootcamp at Dragoon

Analog Hour at T&B

Father's Day Broga Bagels and Bacon

Father's Day on the AZT

What's your favorite Dad memory?  Share with me in the comments!



Tears are a Sign of a Job Well Done

In some ways I think Kim's husband wanted her session as much as she did.  This isn't a bad thing for sure, I love when husbands are on board and want to see their women happy.

Kim was one of the first clients with whom I started incorporating emotional poses into each session.  This was definitely a new experience for both of us, but she went along with it and had a great sense of humor.  

As long as a location permits it, getting a client outside is high on my list of session to-dos.  It doesn't need to be the middle of the desert but just using the outside of the house or the patio area can help push comfort zones.

When I met Kim again for her reveal I started off with her slideshow.  When I walked back in the room I swear I saw a bit of moisture in the corner of her eyes.  She couldn't believe that was her in some of the images.  One of the best signs that I did my job is when a client gets teary.  


Sexy Saturday - Crimson Peak


Sexy Saturday - Crimson Peak

Stuck on ideas for your session?  Check out this steampunk inspired red collection.  While I'm not usually a fan of adding too much to your look in terms of props and accessories, this is one place where it fits well!


When I Was A Kid My Social Network Was Called Outside


When I Was A Kid My Social Network Was Called Outside

Another weekend already!   It's getting toasty here in the Old Pueblo so do your best to stay cool & hydrated!  Here's a few ideas to get out of the house this weekend (and most of them are indoors!)

Friday, June 9

Free Yoga Friday

Blue Ridge Weekend Work Event

Ginormous Food

Tasting the Wines of Portugal

1912 Piano Brewery Night

Saturday, June 10

Crooked Yoga

blink beauty Salon Spa Open House

Art after Dark

Bakasana and Beer

World Oceans Night! (Cool Summer Nights)

Miniature Pallet Garden Class

Salsa Moves! 2nd Saturday Salsa

The Big Sleep (Film Noir Series)

Sunday, June 11

Baja Brews: Special Creations Brewed with Nuts & Seeds!

Baby and Me Yoga

Celebrate National Corn Dog Day!

LuLaBrew 2.0

Share what awesomeness you'll be doing this weekend int he comments!


4th of July Sessions


4th of July Sessions

Happy Independence Day!

Summer is here and 4th of July is right around the corner - wanna see some fireworks? Book a boudoir shoot!

Listen, its called Independence Day for a reason - let go of all those hangs up and the baggage of self-deprecating nonsense you have in your head and BE FREE!

The best part is that a boudoir portrait session can be whatever you want it to be. Traditionally, boudoir portraiture implies a women in some state of undress, usually wearing lingerie. Maybe you are too shy for that? Good news!

The modern woman (or man!) doesn’t need to be limited in any way whatsoever.

You can start the session fully clothed curled up in a chair or on a couch - desire is mostly in the eyes anyway….

From there, your story unfolds as you’d like it to - remove one item of clothing at a time… or do a complete wardrobe change…

You will find yourself indulging in lingerie … maybe even into a full nude, white sheet session.

The possibilities are endless and again, YOU are FREE to decide.

What speaks to YOU? What’s your fantasy session?  Click over to my contact page and let's talk!


Pour Some Wine & Join Me In The Blanket Fort


Pour Some Wine & Join Me In The Blanket Fort

Hello dear readers....this is a blog feature I've been wanting to do for awhile but getting people to submit questions has been...ahem...challenging - so I made it anonymous.  If you click over to the blog homepage you'll find an Ask box.  You've got a question about, well....anything I support, type it in there and I'll get a notification and then I'll add it to my list of random stuff people want to know about.  Granted, this is probably going to have some sexual undertones (relationships, sex, sessions and such) you are welcome to ask anything.

From time to time I'll grab some guest answerer's or what I really mean is, someone who probably knows the answer better than me.  Or someone who writes a funnier answer.  I can't be serious all the time.

So without further ado.....


What are Ben Wa balls?


These babies have been around for a LONG time.  Sure 50 Shades really brought them and their amazing capabilities to light, but it seems they were originally created by Japanese women before spreading across Asia and into Europe.


What started as hollow brass balls have evolved into a variety of materials and sizes and concepts.  In their original form, one ball was hollow and the 2nd was filled with mercury or a smaller heavier ball.  You inserted the first (hollow), pushing it back to the cervix (good time to verify those IUD strings too.....) and then the 2nd heavier one.  Go about your day and see how long you can stand up straight.  

As the balls roll around you'll find that they may want to fall out (depends on the size/weight today).  This is a great time to work those pelvic muscles with kegel exercises.  If you find yourself constantly losing your balls, try working with something larger until you've built up some muscle and then go back to the smaller or heavier size.

Some recommendations for you:

LELO Luna Beads: (Pictured above) These are a great investment because of the options available.  You can use a single ball, or use the included holder to combine 2 balls.  The regular set includes a total of 4 balls, 2 of each weight so you can mix and match as your skills increase.

Pandora Exercise Ball: (Below) This set from Tracy's Dog (most random name ever) includes 3 different weights/sizes so you can build up.  They also have a great little loop for removal assistance.



If you have difficulty inserting them, use a little lube.  While typically I'd say more lube is always the best lube, in this case, I'd probably using a small amount.  Too much lube, round balls and trying to push them in your vagina sounds like it might end very poorly.

Depending on the size and shape different insertion (and removal positions!) will matter.  Try laying down if its your first time or you struggle to insert or remove standing.

Start slow, try shifting them around by contracting your pelvic muscles (like when you're in the bathroom peeing and the phone rings and you have to panic stop?  Yeah, like that)

Like any sex toy, make sure to wash it well after use.  Especially if you're using the silicone kind, those suckers pick up every piece of lint possible and you don't want to be shoving that up your vagina.

Start with ones that have a removal string.  If you decide to ignore this advice and go straight to the metal or glass balls sans removal device...well they will come eventually.  But don't panic, just add some lube and bear down.  Don't worry, they can't get lost.


It's June, Go Mingle!


It's June, Go Mingle!

Can you believe it is June already?  Summer is here and so is a whole slew of summer events.  As always, I'd love to hear more about the things you want to see on this list - otherwise you're just going to get lots of beer releases!  Know someone who would be interested in some of these events?  Share away!

Friday, June 2

Crooked Tooth Collab Release

Ballet Rincon presents Swan Lake

Free Yoga Friday at Summit Hut

Ben's Summer Friday's

Pride Week Kick-Off

LuLaRoe Wonder Woman Event

National Donut Day

Saturday, June 3

Saturday Smoker Specials!

2017 Tucson Fire Fighters Ball and Pool Party

Free Music in Marana with Caiden Brewer

Creatures of the Night!  Cool Summer Nights

Women's Bike Mechanics Class

Mother Son Night of Fun

Ladies Who Lunch

Brunch Launch at Zona 78!

Sunday, June 4

Brewery Bootcamp

Harry Potter "Paint Your Patronus"

Pints and Poses

Sip & Sketch

Color Me Mine Fun-draiser

If you ever attend one of these events, be sure to let me know how it was! 


Salud! Happy Memorial Day!


Salud! Happy Memorial Day!

Wishing you all a fabulous unofficial summer kick-off!  Hope you get to relax a bit this long weekend while taking a moment to pause and reflect and remember on those who gave their all for our nation's freedoms.  I try very hard to not be political in this business, but we are able to enjoy our freedoms today because of those who wrote a blank check to the country and to our protection.

Friday, May 26

Hands On: A Friday Night Special

Arizona Wildcats vs California Bears

Spring into Summer at Old Tucson

Saturday, May 27

Button Brew House Kickstarter

Crooked Yoga

Memorial Car & Bike Show

Bakasana and Beer

11th Annual TMC Meet Me Downtown

Yoga 101: Basics

Trunk Show: Miss Tucson

Sunday, May 28

Keith Sweat, Ginuwine and Dru Hill

Pancake Breakfast with Button Brew House

Summer Kick-Off Country BBQ

Yoga at Copper Mine