5 Reasons To Stop Putting Off A Boudoir Session

Everyone always gives me reasons to not do a boudoir session.  Sometimes they are somewhat valid, other times they just plain suck.  So let's talk about some of them.  5 of them to be exact.

1. "I need to lose weight"

To be pretty broad brush, who doesn't?  It's not so much that we want to lose weight, but you want to hit the gym, eat a little better, say bye bye to a few extra pounds.  But let me be blunt here - that 5 or 10 lbs you are telling me you need to long have you been trying to lose it?  Are you actively trying to lose weight (if so, and you want to wait, I totally get it).  But if you're not actively making changes to your eating and exercise and you're giving me that need to stop and think about it.  

First of all, we can definitely highlight the areas you love and de-emphasize those you don't.  Plus I need you to celebrate the you of TODAY.  Not the future you, not the past you.  Regardless of your size, you are beautiful and I want to show you that.

2. "I'm not sexy or photogenic"

Yeah, I hear that one a lot.  Like a lot.  Go browse through the pictures on this site.  Click over to my Facebook page or Instagram.  I'd say 90+% of those women told me that.  I will pose and coach you to amazing images.  I will even tell you how to breathe.  I promise you're going to love the images.

3. "I don't have anyone to give it to"

So?  You do stuff for yourself yes?  You get pedicures because they make your toes cute.  You get a massage to be relaxed.  You buy the cute shoes because...well, they are just cute.  So why not gift yourself this?  A day where you get pampered and a fabulous reminder to celebrate yourself daily.  I have a couple of big prints in my bathroom that are a great reminder when I'm not feeling super awesome that I'm still beautiful and I'm capable of amazing things.  How do you say no to that?

4. "It's expensive"

Yes.  Yes, it is.  I'm not going to deny it.  In large part, I want this to be a buy once, cry once experience (though I'm always happy to have you come back!).  Just like there are varying degrees of quality clothing, there are varying degrees of quality photographers.  Some are going to be less expensive than I am and others are more.  I want you to know that I want to provide the best for my clients - that's why my sessions include hair & makeup, drinks, personal coaching and an ever-expanding client wardrobe.  It's why I only offer you quality products from labs I can trust.  Plus, I offer payment plans so that you can take home ALL of your favorite images and you don't have to walk away feeling like you missed out.

5. "It's only for brides or young"

Nope.  While I do have a lot of brides (kind of a result of displaying at bridal shows!) I do have a lot of women in their 40's & 50's.  One thing I want you to keep in mind is that the images you see here, on my social media have all been approved by the client.  You get a say on which images I can use and where they can be used.  So some ladies are willing to share them all, some pick a few and others want to keep them all private.  It's totally up to you!


Haute Chocolate


Haute Chocolate

Yummy browns & chocolate give way to toasty winter looks!


Making Resolutions,  What To Consider


Making Resolutions, What To Consider

1. One change at a time

You don't have to do a complete 180 overnight.  Start with one or two things and add as you go.  Trying to tackle too much can be so overwhelming and you might give up because you don't appear to be making as much progress as you'd like.  If you've got a long list, pick 1 big goal and a couple small goals to work on each month or every two months.

2. Resolutions don't just involve the gym

Most people associate Jan 1 with the day that newbies flood the gym.  But your resolutions don't have to be connected to just losing weight or fitness.  A great resolution, if you don't already have one, is to set up a rainy day fund.  My newest favorite thing is Digit (check it out here).  You connect it to your checking account and it analyzes your income/expenses and withdraws small amounts of money that you aren't using.  I've saved over $1k without doing a thing.  

3. Track It

There are a ton of apps/sites out there geared towards helping people track their goals.  For example, if your goals involve fitness or eating habits look at MyFitnessPal.  Want to be better with your money? Mint.  Paying of debt?  ReadyForZero.  Not only can this keep you on track in the big picture, but if you're struggling you can look back and see how far you've progressed - even if it feels like you haven't moved.

4. It's not all or nothing

Whether your goal is to lose weight or learn a new skill, break it down into small chunks so that you can see your progress.  It's defeating to set a goal too big and then not reach it - or not reach it as fast as you originally planned.

5. Pin it up

Create a dream board.  Find pictures and words that make you think of your goals - whether they are 1 week goals or 5 year.  Pin up reminders in places you see often, like the refrigerator or bathroom mirror.

6. Talk about it

Share your goals.  Whether it's sharing in a 365-photo challenge group or just talking with friends, talk about what you're doing.  You never know when you might inspire someone else to do something great.

7. Ask for support

There's nothing wrong with asking for help.  If you're anything like me you want to keep control over the things you do, but sometimes you truly have to admit that someone knows better.  If you're struggling, ask!  You'll probably find plenty of other people who got stuck in the same spot you are.

8. Reflect on the past

When you start planning goals for the future it's often helpful to look back on the past.  If you know that your first quarter of the year is always super busy then it probably isn't the best time to sign up for a 5 day/week course at the community college.  Consider the rest of your life when planning out your resolutions.

9. There are 12 months in the year

Everyone is well intentioned in January.  But by February you might be going "what happened to my resolutions????".  The year is 12 months long.  If the first month or two doesn't pan out, regroup and try again.  Sometimes you might discover that your original goal needs tweaking.  

10. But time slips away...

Just because you know that you can start again doesn't mean you should keep putting off getting started.  Sometimes resolutions are kinda time critical.  It's important to write down your goals and even better to plan them out on a calendar.  If you use a planner, write in your plans.  If you are a Google Calendar user they introduced a goal option that can help automatically schedule your goals for you.  Check it out here.




#sexysaturday - Perfect For Playtime


#sexysaturday - Perfect For Playtime


Surviving Christmas Stress


Surviving Christmas Stress

Can you believe its almost Christmas time?  

Time for the snuggly sweaters and hot cups of tea by the fire (if you live somewhere other than Arizona I suppose...).  But it also means stress, chaos and family time.  So how do you survive the holidays?

Well you could do as we have done for the past several years - don't go.  We realized early in our marriage that going back home (midwest) for Thanksgiving AND Christmas was a lot in a short amount of time so we picked one holiday to spend with family and the other we spend...well with ourselves.  But let's pretend that isn't an option for you.

So first up - stress.  This clearly plays into many other aspects of the season but we'll tackle it up front and by itself.  First, identify what is causing the stress.  Then before you get stressed (it's hard I know!), write down a few things you can do to help relieve it and then most important - DO THEM!

Is it the fact you're hosting dinner and cooking for that many people is just a little overwhelming?  Delegate responsibility for people to bring a dish.  Or even consider catering.  Not an option?  Review your menu and see what you can make ahead of time and just reheat the day of.  I actually start cooking a day or two in advance and get things as far as I can without fully finishing up - there are plenty of recipes that are designed for just that.

Is your stress about presents?  Being financially tight?  It may be a little late for it this year, but consider something like Digit to help you save money throughout the year.  When Dec rolls around you'll have a nice little present egg and money worries will be the last thing to worry about.  If the stress is about WHAT to buy - ask people to create an Amazon wish list.  You can add items from other sites (just include the link & pertinent info like sizes) and then its easy peasy to check people's lists for what they want.  Also, save a page in your planner (I LOVE my LimeLife planner) and just jot notes down throughout the year on things you hear people say they want.  If my husband comments on something, I'll either make a note or go find it on Amazon (if appropriate) and save it to a private list.

Maybe it's where you're going to cram 6 additional people in your 2 bedroom home?  Consider renting an airbnb that is nearby for your group.  Takes the pressure off you and let's the family have a little more space to breath.  Consider the cost an investment in your sanity - or if your family is understanding, have them chip in a small portion.  If that isn't an option and everyone is stuck with you, get out of the house!  Even if its only for an hour or two, schedule something while everyone is there so that you can at least get out to breath without people tagging along.  Some people might think this is a bad plan host plan but really, you need a little me time.

A few in general tips -

Take up meditation for a week or two - close your bedroom door (maybe block it too!) and just sit quietly for 10-15 minutes to get your calm back

Go to an extra fitness class or two.  Not only will you get away for the chaos but you'll burn some extra pre-Christmas dinner calories

Schedule a massage.  Taking an hour or two for yourself is not going to leave your Christmas event falling flat - delegate if necessary or just let it go.  The important thing is that you're together, not that everything is 100% perfect.

Go for a walk.  This can be a good solo or group activity.  Again, just getting out of the house can help and it can be a good small group bonding time.

Shopping is probably going to lead to increased stress so I'd suggest trying to avoid it as much as possible.

What are you favorite tips for surviving the holidays with or without family?  Sound off in the comments below and don't forget to share!


#sexysaturday - Lovely in Lapis


#sexysaturday - Lovely in Lapis

How can you go wrong with blue & gold?  Gorgeous striking colors will pop in your images!

Lovely In Lapis

Caftan robe

La Perla balconette bra

Wolford black pantyhose

La Perla underwear panty

Menbur high heel pumps
$135 -

Love Rocks rock necklace
$44 -

ASOS chains jewelry
$6.25 -

Dinny Hall pendant jewelry
$295 -

Moschino belt

Edward Bess nude lip gloss
$33 -

Opi nail polish
$11 -

Tufted ottoman


What About Props?


What About Props?

You've booked your session and now it's time to prepare your outfits, but what about props? Should you bring them or no?

When preparing for your session, there is a fine line between tasteful and tacky.  I want you to love your images and I certainly don't  want them to look like something straight out of the 80's!  To be blunt with you, I'd rather you NOT bring anything with you.  I completely understand bring items that are sentimental so if there is something of interest you'd like to bring, drop me a note and let's decide together.


Is Your Skin Costing You?


Is Your Skin Costing You?

Skin care can get pricey but spending some money up front can save you down the road.  Some tips to help keep your skin in tip top shape.

  • Daily sunscreen.  Use of daily sunscreen helps prevent sun damage - not only can this help keep you looking younger but it can help stave off skin cancer.
  • If money is super tight, petroleum jelly can help with a ton of skincare ailments including rough, cracked feet & hands, preventing chafing, etc.
  • More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better.  But on the same token, cheap may just be cheap.  Find what works for you and don't waste money on cheap products if they aren't helping.  If something is costly but it works, then see if you can use just a little bit less and make it last longer.
  • Don't wait till you're dry.  Apply moisturizer as soon as you get out of the shower to help lock in the moisture.
  • Keep your eye on the ingredients - make sure your products include things like Vitamin A and alpha hydroxy acid.  Don't waste your money on ineffective ingredients. 

If you're struggling with finding products send me a message!


#sexysaturday - Isn't She A Peach?


#sexysaturday - Isn't She A Peach?

Peach is a great alternative to the classic bridal white - white can sometimes be too harsh for fair skin so this is a subtle hint of color that can look amazing on the fair skins!

Isn't She A Peach

Silk robe

Lace camisole

Lace bra

Lace boyshort

Wolford black tight

SPURR nude shoes
$11 -

Satin shoes

Charlotte Olympia clutch
$555 -

ASOS chain necklace
$11 -

Vintage necklace

Essie nail polish


Gift Idea - Buy A Domain For Your Child


Gift Idea - Buy A Domain For Your Child

Unique Gift for a Child

Searching for a unique gift idea for your kid’s upcoming birthday? Try purchasing a domain name comprised of their first and last names, or first middle and last, or any combination!

The digital age is in high gear and domain space is a commodity. Without a doubt, your identity becomes your Personal Brand when you are trying to sell yourself. Starting a project, getting hired, applying for college: all of these things would greatly benefit from a personalized website where your child can showcase their accomplishments. What if you have a young entrepreneur on your hands and they decide to set up shop?

The good news is that domain names are cheap - maybe $10/yr. so even if you have it and later on your kids decides they don’t need it (that’s not gonna happen, trust me), then you haven’t really lost much.

Here are a few short articles with some good information on the subject:

Forbes: 3 Reasons Why Buying a Domain Name for Your Child is a Good Idea 3 Reasons Why Parents Are Buying Their Babies’ Domain Names

Wall Street Journal: Why Your Child Needs a Domain Name